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Road Trip!!!

We had an opportunity to head to South Africa for a few days while getting a car rack installed on our vehicle. We took a few days to play and gather supplies after the car work was done before we returned to Mozambique. Here’s some of our adventure.

I love that despite having a bed for each girl, there in our little cottage, our ladies chose to share a big sister sleep-over each night. Their little hearts are beautiful. No one could be left out.


We went ahead and got our hair trimmed while there in South Africa. I usually trim everyone’s hair while we’re here in Mozambique, but the girls enjoyed the spoiling.

Eden REALLY enjoyed the hair washing part.


The girls enjoyed the opportunity to play in restaurant play areas while we waited on our food. Honestly it was insane some of these play areas for the kids and they absolutely had a blast.

We even went to an indoor splash pad.

And burned crazy amounts of energy at a trampoline park.


We had some really yummy “American” food.


And while it was an utter blast, I love that my girls could not wait to come home to their backyard, their bikes, their friends and their Mozambique. It was a beautiful time as a family to appreciate the blessing of more “Western World fun” while still appreciating the richness of life here amid the more simple. I love that my girls were really able to embrace that well; rejoicing in both places and having family conversations about the value of the two worlds we live in. And all of our hearts were full to the max as we turned down our street to return home here in Mozambique.

God has truly blessed us to the uttermost.

We are beyond grateful.


Thanks for the fun, South Africa!




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Our Side of the World Lately

We have been jumping into the homeschool year (we school on the late Jan/early Feb to November school year just like the rest of Africa) and here’s a few pictures of our happy new norm to share.

The bigs have been enjoying some quiet art time during the littles’ nap time. Thanks again Goga and Gopa for the awesome drawing instructional books.

We have enjoyed school this year with our fellow Missionary friends here serving at the local hospital. We made a world cake together in celebration of our completion of the first two weeks of school’s focus on the world. We got a bit creative (our norm) since ingredients and decorations can be challenging here, but it sure was a tasty lesson.

We will be traveling throughout the world this year in school (complete with fake passports) and to help us on our travels, so many of you wonderful people have videoed yourselves reading us stories about other countries and science topics, like ecosystems from around the world. To say we have enjoyed hearing your voices and sharing a story together is the understatement of the year!

And then of course, sometimes you just have to liven up Spelling by spontaneously giving spelling words through spare tube connector joints. Hehe. Abi was delightfully surprised when in the middle of her focused writing, I leaned in and gave her the next spelling word whispered through the tube. Hehe.

It can be really busy teaching and involving 6 little girls whom are overflowing and bounding with energy. And this year we have the added joy and challenge of not just teaching 3 different school levels to accommodate for the age differences, but 5 different school levels as we catch back up on the older two’s English education after a year of no grammar, spelling, different math, relearning how to write in print, and a few other things for last year’s Portuguese school. That being said, we are all thriving and really enjoying our time together in our little one-room schoolhouse.

On rainy days we also enjoy doing a dance video or two thanks to the fun world of YouTube kids dance videos. Here’s a little film so you can dance along too. 🙂

And I leave you with a few excited presentations of their Kindergarten+ (thanks to a few three year olds) Creation lessons from the first two weeks.

Ok, back to the lesson planning books for me. 🙂

We love you all!!!

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Dança, Dança!

(Title translated: Dance, Dance!)

Minhas pequenas Moçambicanas (My Little Mozambicans).

[Boa noite, Irmã Suzana! Minhas filhas tem uma canção para você e nossa familiares lá em Quelimane!]

(Translation of song: Hallelujah, Hallelujah we are saved in Jesus.)

Éden está dançando como uma moçambicana… ou quase…

(Eden is dancing like a Mozambican… well, sort of. Hehehe)

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Rachael used a Little House on the Prairie book that her Aunt Jes gave her a little while back to make a corn husk doll. I love how she used the resources available to her – grabbing some grass pieces from our backyard and following the step by step instructions to make the doll. She even ties a rock into the doll’s head to give it shape.

And then when I was sick, Rachael came up with the idea of a pop-up card of us holding hands.

Abi went out and picked 16 varied colored flowers to bring a freshness to one sick day. I didn’t get a picture of it in it’s full splendor due to being down for the count, but it was really quite lovely.

Then came another beautiful flowered creation with each individual piece cut out and glued on. Rachael poured an hour and a half into this masterpiece.

It’s really fun to see the creative juices flowing. I absolutely love the heart behind their creations.

And for those of you who gave us art supplies to bring over here to Mozambique, here is some of the fruit of your thoughtful gifts. The girls are loving it. Thank you, again.

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At Last!!!

After 3 months of sleeping on mattresses on the floor, today we celebrate having a fully assembled room for our little ladies. That’s right, THE BUNKBEDS ARE DONE!!!!

(Peek-a-boo, Eden!)

And naturally you’re dying to see how the whole space came together, right? Well, that’s why we made you this video. 🙂

We are beyond ecstatic to see some of the final HUGE pieces of the house come together, like THESE AWESOME NEW BUNKBEDS!!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂