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All Trimmed Up

Yesterday I decided to trim Ms. Squirmy’s hair for the first time. She was starting to have a mullet of separation between the sides and the back (the greatest challenge for little girls growing in hair) so I figured a little trim could help even it out more. Then lay the challenge before me of how to get Ms. Busy semi-still. A buckle-in booster seat provided the perfect opportunity as well as a few highly loved toys, pacifier, and a little PBS.

Here’s a look at how long the back was prior to her cut.


Within 15 minutes, I put in some layers (since hair grows in layered anyway) and trimmed a total of an inch and a half off the back. But since she’s a squirmer, I trimmed it off in quarter of an inch segments so as not to make a drastic change that couldn’t be evened.

She was super squirmy post-cut so the pictures are the best I could do while letting her free.


Here’s her new cut, right at shoulder level.



Despite some being tucked behind her ear, this is the best pic I got of her newly evened out hair.

And since I’m still wanting the top to grow out instead of bangs, she’ll continue to sport her clips and pigtails.

And of course I saved some clippings for the baby book. 😉


I trimmed the older girls’ hair too. Rachael’s is unnoticeably different, but healthy. She continues to announce that she’s growing her hair out like Rapunzel.

Abi, on the other hand, was a celebration day. With this last trim, her sides are finally the same length as the back. Bravo little girl, it only took 3 years and no scary haircuts to even them out. 😉 She’s my “more bald” hair starter in life.

Here after an over-all trim, you can still see that the back is longer than the sides.

unnamed9 beforewet


I decided to go back in and take an additional inch off the back to even it with the sides. So I cut a total of 2-2.5 inches off the back and just a tiny bit off the sides.

unnamed7Here she’s looking down so it doesn’t quite touch her shoulders.

And with a section of her hair growing in wavy, I trimmed that section a little shorter to allow her under layer of curls to come through.


unnamed10  unnamed8

I’ll add a picture of the dry finished product a little later since she was napping directly after her trim and I forgot to get one before bedtime last night.

But I’m really happy with how all three of the girls’ trims turned out. Rachael’s – unnoticeable but healthy. Abi’s – Yay for even! And Hannah’s – more bobbed and less mullet. SCORE!


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