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A Lil Pip in Our Step

So we have been busy lately. And this is one reason:

We added a new meowing family member. Weclome, Pipsqueak.


Now, I had no intention of adding a new family member, but we happened upon her on our walk to church. And she was so thin. And so frail. And so friendly. I went took her back to our house (on the property) and gave her a bowl of food. She ate. I wished her well and headed off to Sunday School. I couldn’t get her off my mind. She was outside the door greeting people on their transition to church from Sunday School. And that’s when she started to work her magic. After church she was gone. I went over to try to find her. Couldn’t find her. Matt and I talked.

She showed back up after supper time. The kids and I found her and encouraged her friendship with a can of tuna. She was so good with the kids. So tolerant of little hands, especially when they were not so rough.

We brought her back to the house, played with her on the lawn while the sun went down. Such a playful little kitten inside of her. Oh the squeals. Oh the joy. Matt must have known it when he came home from evening service. He must have known it long before. She wasn’t going anywhere. “Why don’t you bring her in and we can think about it.” He invited her into the family.

Fleas, ear mites, all bones, but friendly as can be. She wasn’t nervous at all to be brought inside. She happily curled up on the bathroom mat. She purred. She napped.



Once the fleas were gone and ear mites getting under control, she met the other two cats. 24 hours of hissing gave way to ignoring each other. And that is now giving way to smelling each other and carrying on with normal life. No more hiding. No more anxiety. Just casual glances out the window, hopes for tuna juice and naps on the fish tank hood (it’s warm on top of the light!).

She continues to do great with the kids. She’s way too tolerant of Abi’s bear hugs. She just meows for rescue from the babies rough attempts at “gentle touch”. And she likes to sit n laps late at night, just snuggling in and being close. She has no desire to leave. And she’s starting to gain more weight. Her stomach’s once distended look is now evening out into a healthy balance of consistent meals. And I am happy. Very happy. We’re getting her in to the vet here soon to help us get the last of the ear mites under control and get her vaccinated. But she’s just so sweet. Loveable little thing.

And so now we have 3 cats. And we adults agree that we are full in the pet department. Afterall, we did take in 11 pets in just about a week (10 fish). And we’re all as happy as can be.



Have you ever thought that the all-sufficient Savior has promised those who walk in blind faith more than our minds can ever comprehend? That the only True Savior renews our minds, even when we feel most useless toward His Kingdom work? The Lord of all dares to touch our hearts, even as we stumble to find obedience. Oh how this soul wishes we Christians would embrace His Truth! And that the world would be different because of obedient hearts. Lord, change me. Lord, change us. All for Your glory. ---------- I am a Jesus-follower, a Homemaker, a Wife of the best man EVER, a Mom of 4 wonderful girls, a missionary in Africa, a Friend, an Encourager, a Seeker of integrity who is unsatisfied with a mediocre walk in Christ, and Blessed beyond any words that I could ever express. Thanks for being interested in my little slice of the world.

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