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Straight to Bed

Yesterday I cleaned off the extra twin bed in the girls’ room. I had been using it as an “outgrown clothes” pile for a few months after setting it up in celebration of passing out of the first trimester of pregnancy with Hannah. Since Alivia never made it beyond the first trimester, I wanted to celebrate Hannah’s advancement and the Lord’s blessing us with a thriving pregnancy. The plan is for all three girls to share a room in the nursery (Rachael and Abi’s bed will eventually bunk together), and continue to leave our “new kid room” freed up for Respite care kids from foster care and, when the time comes, our new adopted child(ren).

With Hannah baking in the oven and Abi’s second birthday approaching, I set up the bed before I got too big and it would be highly uncomfortable to build a twin bed. Then it sat there… collecting outgrown clothes as a loading dock for storage in the file clothes boxes.

Life continued on as normal.

Looking at the calendar, I came to realize Abi will be two in a little less than 2 weeks. (Wow on many levels). See, 2 is the age Abi will be when Hannah arrives. This may not sound phenomenal to you all, but to me it makes September feel like tomorrow. And all the preparations and joys and anticipations that September holds right along with it.

So I started chipping away at the clothes on the bed yesterday: sorting, stacking, putting in boxes, and labeling some newly added boxes before shoving them under the bed until Abi grows into them, for Rachael’s outgrown clothes, or until Hannah will grow into them, for Abi’s outgrown clothes. Kinda crazy and fun the memories that flooded out of those little clothes as I enjoyed the folding and storing process.

Once the bed was cleaned off, Abi said, “Hannah’s bed” when becoming acutely aware of a new climbing structure in the nursery.

“No, Abi. That’s Abi’s bed…. this is Hannah’s bed,” I pointed to her crib.

She looked confused.

“Hannah’s bed?” She patted the new twin.

“No, that’s Abi’s new bed. Hannah will sleep in the crib.” I re-explained.

She carried on with life.

Today at nap time we followed the normal routine: new diaper, fan on, lights out, Rachael potties. And then Abi took a bold step of initiative.

“Abi’s bed” she said and began to climb up on the twin bed.

“Do you want to nap there?” I asked, a little startled.

A huge smile spread across her face.
“Abi’s bed.” She repeated.

So I let her pick out her sheets (she picked the striped hot-pink ones. hehe), dressed the bed, brought over the familiar loves (ducky, lambie and blankey). And my proud almost 2 year old had the biggest smile I’ve seen on her face as I tucked her in “just like Rachael.”

So proud of herself that it’s contagious.

She was still beaming as she fell asleep – no fuss, no need for verbal reminders of nap time. Just Abi – being huge… just like Rachael.

(shrugs shoulders) That was easy.

Abi’s private section of the nursery.
The nursery’s layout. 
Rachael’s close by for moral support. 😉

I was planning on having her try out napping in the “big girl bed” next week and then transition her to “night sleeps” at 2 years old. We’ll see if she doesn’t just transition herself.

Go, Abi, go!!!

– (Sigh) My growing girl.


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