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Snail Mail Arrival

Well, after needing to return the cloth diapers we had recently borrowed from my sister in law, we invested in our own “full” set. Unfortunately with timing of needing to return them, I ended up anxiously awaiting our pocket diapers’ travel to the States from China, reminded nearly daily as I washed the dwindled stash we had remaining post returning my sister in law’s diapers.

So, needless to say, I was THRILLED when I was able to get these beauties in the mail and thus mark the end of my constant washing of cloth diapers. It’s so wonderful to be back into the routine of washing every 2-3 days and just grabbing a diaper without needing to track down pieces and assemble them from the dryer.

While the USPS failed my expectations on many accounts (long story), I was delighted when I could FINALLY pick up my “where it was supposed to be when it was supposed to be” package and get these lovelies washed and ready. Now while the package wasn’t exactly a beauty in itself (HA!)

 the contents were. =)

It was fun to “ooh” and “ahh” with the family as we enjoyed the diaper display post opening the package. We all identified our favorites, Abi’s being “diaper”, and then they were whisked away to the wash and boiling pot (I boil my inserts instead of washing for 10 times to get the max absorbency without the exhausting amount of time and effort). So without further delay, I give you…. our blessed new friends:

*** Not pictured are a second light blue with white polka dots and an all black with white snaps. These are not pictured due to either being in dispose or having been in dispose. 😉

I stuck with “gender neutrals” with only one specifically “girly” one (couldn’t resist) that can be used as a nighttime sleeping diaper should avocado be a boy. The white one in the first picture is clovers and an occasional darker green heart. I still think a boy can get away wearing this one since the clover leaves are shaped like hearts, but not overly girly. Rachael’s favorite was every other diaper I pulled out (she likes the flowers/red butterflies on green background, the animal shapes on creme background, the teddy bears, the stars, and the hearts). Matt’s favorite is the Teddy bear one, in which he stated I should have gotten more of those and let him pick some out too – my bad! And I like the hearts one, flowers/red butterflies, blue with white polka dots, blue circle outlines with green circle centers, the stars, the yellow/green diamonds on the blue background…. the teddy bears…. yeah, I picked them all out so I like them all. While this stash could be considered a bit boyish upon just looking at the blues, I steered clear of cars, soccer balls, etc, that tend to scream boy and steered clear of pinks and violets that were distinctly girl. To me, blues can go either way and I didn’t want out stash to just be ugly neutrals, one-colored or all green and yellow. So I think it’s quite cute. =) I may along the way add a few more diapers to our stash (only a few) especially once we find out avocado’s gender. But really, we don’t know what our family is going to look like in the future and I try not to be a pack-rat of “maybe we can use this in the future” items. So I am trying to keep our diaper stash usable and not too big (since washing past every 3 days starts to leave bad stains, can ruin your diapers due to oogies being left in there, and smells like a dead animal. All good reasons to have no more than 25-35 diapers in a stash. =D

[We do have 2 other pocket diapers not pictured that I got (1) or fixed from my sister in law and then got to keep (1) that are used for night diapers since they do not have hip snaps (best fit on Abi). They are white (1) and black/white diamonds (1). Then the remaining stash is 10 prefolds and 3 covers. That makes our total 24 diapers.]

So there you have it, the newest additions to our team. I couldn’t be more proud. =) They represent freedom from daily diaper washings. =D


Ok, I promise I’m done……

….promise. hehe.

– Thanks for sharing in my joy.


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