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Wax Paper Helper

I got this great idea in the shower (any one else do that?). In an effort to go through the alphabet with Rachael and introduce her to capital and lowercase letters, I have come to the dreaded b vs. d roadblock. So in anticipation of this potential confusion, this idea popped into my head amid the steam and bubbles:

I grabbed a vellum sheet from our old wedding invitation stash (pathetic, right), but wax paper would do the trick as well. On it I wrote Dd and Bb on opposite sides. Then I used two symbols, a heart under the Bb side and a smiley face under the Dd side.

This see-through item can then be put onto any paper and is used as an aid to distinguish d and b. If the “bump” points to the smiley, it’s a Dd. If the “bump” points to the heart, it’s a Bb. Any symbol could be used, and as the child gets used to the concept of left/right (which I have used in representation of the symbols since Rachael has no concept of left/right yet) you slowly remove the wax paper helper from use.

I’m not sure if this would help anyone else or not, but I thought I’d share just in case it could.

Best wishes introducing/teaching the ever-confusing b and d. =)


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