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Un Message de Francais

[Yo – only more formal-]
J’ai un announcement!
[I have an announcement]
Je suis travaille becaucoup dur le classe de francaise.
[I am working hard in french class]
C’est tres difficile, mais je ne quittes pas!
[It’s very difficult but I won’t quite.]
J’etudie beaucoup et je le surmonte le francais!
[I study a lot and I will overcome french.]
Il n’etre pas accable de chagrin.
[It will not overcome me with grief.]
C’est tout, je le surmonte le francais!
[That’s all, I will overcome french!]

Quelle heures est-til?
[What time is it?]
AHH! C’est tout. J’ai besoin de alle au BCLC pour etudie me francais parce-que je suis demenagement ce weekend et je ne pouvois pas etudie le francais ce weekend.
[Ahhh – like you needed a translation- That’s all. I have to go to BCLC – my work- for study my french because I am moving this weekend and I can’t study french this weekend.]

Au Revoir mes amis (ou mes amies) qui lives me blog.
[G’bye friends -masculine- (or my friends – feminine-) who read my blog.]


Have you ever thought that the all-sufficient Savior has promised those who walk in blind faith more than our minds can ever comprehend? That the only True Savior renews our minds, even when we feel most useless toward His Kingdom work? The Lord of all dares to touch our hearts, even as we stumble to find obedience. Oh how this soul wishes we Christians would embrace His Truth! And that the world would be different because of obedient hearts. Lord, change me. Lord, change us. All for Your glory. ---------- I am a Jesus-follower, a Homemaker, a Wife of the best man EVER, a Mom of 4 wonderful girls, a missionary in Africa, a Friend, an Encourager, a Seeker of integrity who is unsatisfied with a mediocre walk in Christ, and Blessed beyond any words that I could ever express. Thanks for being interested in my little slice of the world.

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