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“You look like a flat man who is long with a ball on his head.” Says Hannah (4 yrs old)Ā to Matt spontaneously at the dinner table. We all died laughing. She was dead serious and in no way mean-spirited. #QuiteTheObserver


Eden (2 yrs old) has added the word “super” into her vocabulary. So in case you’re curious things are now “super fun”, “super long”, “super scary”, “super cold”, “super hot”, “super loud” and “super funny”. Maybe the best thing about these additions are that she uses the word super to try to convince you of her opinion. “Come on!!! It’s super fun!!!” #SuperCute


We have been enjoying adding some thought-provoking heart questions to our mealtimes. You know, because sometimes we don’t want to hear those kid movie lines… again… and again… until they no longer have breath left in their bodies….. šŸ˜‰ I have enjoyed hearing their answers to “What is your favorite family memory?”, “If you could plan our next vacation, where would you take us?”, “If you were the mom or the dad tomorrow, what would you do?”, “What is one thing you’d like to do when you’re older?”, and so many other good ones. #KidWorldIsAmazing


“He a good Daddy. He put music on. He put Bible on. He put us to bed. … He make yunch (lunch) – He a good, good Daddy.” Eden (2 yrs old) confided in me at bedtime.

“Mommy? You make yunch (lunch) tomorrow?” Eden asked. When I responded ‘yes’ she immediately said, “I like yunch (lunch).” #SheHasNoIdeaHowAdorableSheIs


These are just a few ways that words have been really fun lately. =)

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A Three Month Old Hello.

Yesterday marked us as 3 month old American Africans here in Mozambique. Three months! I know, doesn’t that seem so young… and yet so old all at the same time?!

So we decided to make this video to share with you all just a bit of our life here.

Hope you enjoy hearing from each of the kids too. =)

And if this 5 minutes is too short for some of you, don’t worry, we’ll be sure to repeat this video making soon. šŸ˜‰

We love you all and thank you SO, SO MUCH for all your prayers, love and support.

It truly is a privilege to be here.

-To God be all the Glory.

[Continued giving can be done onlineĀ at this link: ]

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In the Middle of it All

It hits me every time. 

When I walk into the kitchen and see her scraping the peanut butter container clean.

She cannot see any food go to waste.

Even the peanut butter film on the inside of the jar I tried to scrape clean.

Even the half-eaten toddler snacks are added to her plate. 
It’s seen in his asking.

That pot of jet black rice fuming on the back porch.

A mistake waiting to be cool enough for the trash.

“Don’t throw it out. I’ll eat it.”

And he did. 

I don’t even know how he got it down.
Food security looks different in different places. 

For some it’s the “no waste” moto.

And then for some it’s digging in the trash.
It affects us too, but in different ways.

It looks like sacking the stale bread in a plastic bag to deshard it in the trash 

Because we know that someone will find it and eat it.

And I just can’t bear the thought of it being mixed with coffee grounds.

Even the most lowly is a delight to Our Father.
It looks like intentionally having leftovers to share.

And having a bag of coins in our car for the next beggar to knock at the window 

with a blind grandparent holding onto their shoulder. 

Some beggars are adults, 

but many children trying to provide for a sick or lame grandparent.
Food security.


Such heavy weights all around us.

So much to pray for.

So much to honor Jesus in.

… So much to wrestle with.
And yet I am also so thankful for the privilege 

Of wrestling with how and when to help.

Because in our heads and in our lives

It’s all His anyway.
Lord, please help us to live Luke 12:48 well

in the middle of it all.

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Your Gift’s Fruit

This year for our first Christmas in Mozambique we got the opportunity to compile some fun gifts forĀ those that God has brought into our lives. After learning that providing a good meal for your family is an honored thing in this community and failing to do so is, in turn, is a shame; the idea of a Christmas Meal Basket beganĀ to form itself.


It took us three days of gathering items and baking cookies with our friends. Each basket included tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, rice, onions, seasoning packets, tomato paste, a package of corn flour, homemade cookies, bracelets made by the girls for each family’s children, a Christmas card, and a live chicken (which clearly was not placed in the basket. Hehe). Some of the fun was that our helpers, while curious, were quite surprised when they received the work of all our hands at the end of the three days. =)


We had a blast from the cookie making to the chickens running around our yard until they were all sent off to their new homes. =) (The catching of the chickens part was super fun too.)


While we still have budding Portuguese, we took the opportunity to let God’s word speak for itself. Our Christmas card included Luke 2:11 and Philippians 1:6.


It was particularly fun the day that we gave out the baskets when one of our friends mentioned their wife wanting chicken and rice for their Christmas meal, butĀ him having to tell her it was not possible this year. Matt could barely contain his excitement to hand this dear brother his live chicken and basket of food later that afternoon.

Oh how my heart swells at their joy, some looking away to keep back tears. Sweet, friends and family, I share this story not to puff up our reputations, but to thank you. Thank you, sweet friends and family, for loaning us out to the missions field here. We missed you all during Christmas for sure, but I wanted you to see the impact on these precious brothers and sisters in Christ.


Your sacrifice is building such beautiful fruit.

God is so good. So, so good.

It was indeed a Merry Christmas.



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A Great Start

We rang in the 2017 New Year happily sleeping in our beds, despite the fireworks going off around the neighborhood. Then 7 hours into the New Year, through the grace of God Matt gave his first sermon in Portuguese!!! Yes, sweet friends and family, we have been here for 2.5 months and Matt already gave his first sermon!!! That’s the grace of God for ya! And that right there is an answer to all your faithful prayers.


We both giggled that Matt’s sermon was filled with vocabulary equivalent to a six or seven year old, but a lot can sure be communicated through the Word and a heart of awe and love for our Father. =) But in all honesty, he really did a great job and encouraged many dear brothers and sisters here. Matt’s conversant even translated Matt’s Portuguese sermon into a local lingo, Chuabo (pronounced “Shwah-bo”).

I also got an opportunity to sing with two of our conversants in the church service. We enjoyed a blend of Portuguese and English in the song “Break Every Chain” by Jesus Culture.


I can’t wait to see what else the New Year brings here in Mozambique!

May His Name continue to be exalted through all the earth!


Happy New Year, Everyone!